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A Leader in Providing School Bus Contracting Services

We have been getting students to school safely, on time and ready to learn® for more than 100 years.

Providing safe and reliable transportation to students across the United States

At Durham, we work tirelessly to ensure the peace of mind of those who have entrusted their children to us. Safety, above all, is the cornerstone on which we build everything; we are dedicated to ensuring children arrive to school safely and on time, so they can make the most of their school day.

Riding the bus to school is a milestone in a child’s life. Young kids eagerly await the time when they are “big enough” to take the bus. Not only are many children fascinated by brightly colored, industrial-sized vehicles – trucks, tractors and fire engines – but riding the bus is also appealing because it’s something a young kid can do to begin experiencing some independence.

We have teams of experts in every area of student transportation spread across North America. As an international company, we have a wealth of resources available to our customers, and still maintain an unmatched level of local support.

We provide customer-focused transportation services including home-to-school, special needs, and field trip transportation, as well as summer and charter trips for districts and organizations across the United States. By partnering with Durham, school districts have experienced increased service and cost efficiencies, safety and training excellence, and access to a wealth of expertise and national, as well as international, resources.

National Express LLC (NELLC) is the North American subsidiary of National Express Group, PLC, one of the premier transportation firms in the United Kingdom. National Express School (NEXS) is the home-to-school division of NELLC, which operates more than 22,500 school buses, serves more than 550 school districts in 33 states and three provinces, and transports more than 1.3 million students on a daily basis. Getting students to school safely, on time, and ready to learn® is what we do. We work tirelessly to ensure the peace of mind of those who have entrusted their children to us. Safety, above all, is the cornerstone on which we build everything. We are dedicated to ensuring children arrive to school safely and on time so they can make the most of their school day. Learn more at www.nellc.com.

Durham School Services, National Express School’s (NEXS’s) first and largest student transportation brand, was originally founded in 1917 as a special education transportation provider for the owner’s wheelchair-bound child. Several of the NEXS brands were also established by parents of children with special needs. Many of our employees have a special place in their hearts for children with special needs, whether it is their own child or the child of a family member. This personal experience provides a foundation for the understanding and empathy these children require to feel safe and have positive experiences. Our specialization has helped us to nurture a unique commitment to quality service that has remained throughout our company. Today, Durham is responsible for getting more than one million students, 100,000 of which are those with special needs, to and from school each day.


Our vision is to deliver service excellence to earn the partnership, loyalty and trust of our customers and employees.


We are committed to serve you safely and to provide the personal attention you need for successful transportation services.

Our operations focus on our five core values:


We only do what is safe and stop any unsafe behavior.


We place them at the heart of our business and relentlessly meet their expectations.


We develop the talents, reward the exceptional performance and respect the rights of all our employees.


Our policies and practices will advance the social, environmental and economic conditions in the communities where we operate.


We constantly strive to be excellent in all that we do.

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By overseeing routing as needed, bus maintenance, driver recruitment and training, Durham grants each district the opportunity to refocus their time, resources and funding away from student transportation and back to the education of students.

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